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"Writing your best chapter yet is about letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are now!"

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What Is Keeping You Stuck?

Feelings of guilt over past situations.

Spending hours thinking about how happy your life will be when...
but never enjoying the present.

Not forgiving yourself or others.

Limiting Beliefs.

Being really good at being successful.

Being too comfortable where you are at.

Addiction to perfectionism.

Fear of change or what the future might hold.

Not having a big enough dream for your next chapter.

The closure of your previous chapter hasn't been written.

What will it take to get unstuck?

It takes courage, and that can be scary.

Courage to close the previous chapter with kindness and grace.

Courage to step outside your comfort zone.

Courage to dream big.

Courage to fail at something new.

Courage to be imperfect.

What You'll Cover In This Workshop

Living with purpose. We are made to live with purpose and when we aren’t living a purpose, it’s next to impossible to feel true joy.

Being present. This chapter isn’t about the past. These are only memories and the happy thought is fleeting. This chapter isn’t about the future because we don’t know what will or won’t happen. This chapter is about now. Doing the things that bring joy to our hearts and fill us up.

Stick to your boundaries. Stop giving others control. Only you can choose what makes you happy and what doesn’t. What fills you up. When you give away your control, you give away your happiness.

Evaluating where you are at. Knowing where you are right now will help you see what you need to change to write your next chapter. Knowing what to throw away and what to keep. Knowing what new opportunities you desire in your life. Evaluation isn’t judging.

Creating a vision and rewriting your story. You don’t have to accept things as you think they might be. Imagine them the best they can be. It’s your story, your chapter. Don’t give away your pen to anyone else. Only you can write this chapter.

Challenge the beliefs that don’t serve you. We all grew up with beliefs that came from generations before us. Let go of the old beliefs that aren’t serving you and move on. Replace them with beliefs that empower you.

Living healthier and taking care of ourselves better. We can’t live forever. We only have the one body that God gave us. Take care of ourselves so that we can finish well.

Being able to have more control of our emotions and live with less stress. What would it be like to be able to move from anxiety to calm just with a thought? From fearful to secure? To be able to acknowledge your emotion for what it is and then switch it to a more positive state.

Making time for the things you are meant to do. Not doing things because you should. Any time that the word “should” is used it’s something you don’t really want to do. Making time for your purpose. The thing that you are called to do. The thing that fills you up from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The thing that gives you your power.

Here's How It Works

✔ Professional Certified Coach - This course has been created by a professional certified life coach that is committed to giving you the best possible solution to get you started on creating your new chapter.

✔ 6 Complete Lessons - You'll have access to 6 lessons that will guide you through your own self discovery journey to finding what's holding you back so that you can start moving forward with chapter of your life.

✔ Discovery Homework - Worksheets for reinforcing each lesson so you can get immediate breakthrough with each lesson.

✔ Your Course Delivered Your Way - Go through all the lessons in one day or go through one lesson a day. This course is designed to fit into your schedule.

✔ One 30 Minute Private 1-on-1 Coaching Session - Once you've completed the course you'll receive a 30 minute private coaching session to guide you onto the next step in your journey.

✔ Private Support Community - You'll have lifetime access to a our redefined lifestyle women's support community for long-term benefits of daily positive affirmations and continued support.


Before I met Billie I was struggling with a lot of anxiety, always on edge, and lack of sleep. After working with Billie to find my happy, I’ve found I’m more content and am able to feel inner peace even with the same life situations facing me on a daily basis. I’m also experiencing more restful sleep. If you’re looking to find your happy, you should connect with Billie and get into her 5-Day Course.

-Tammy M

Billie, I am so blessed and happy I found you and I Admire your courage to give to others your energy and help them on their journey . Holding space for others is such a gift 💛 and that’s what you do each and every day for others . I admire you and what your giving to others . These next 6 weeks I have to take time to myself even if it’s 10 minutes a day in the morning with you💜🌸
Thank you for being right where your at doing what your doing . You’ve been just what I need the last two months 💚

-Sherri H

Before I started listening to Billie I had a lot of struggles with positivity. I was/am needing some guidance.
I had just started with essential oils and I found her on FB and she has been a blessing to help me focus more on the positives in my life! Along with the affirmations, essential oils and the Happy Challenge
I did with her it’s been very eye opening to look for all the happiness in life! Check in with her and the Happy Challenge and you won’t be disappointed! 😊💕

- DeeAnn B

Before I met Billie I was just going through the motions of everyday life. Snoozing my alarm a few times before waking, not really feeling like I was energized to go through my day. Something was missing, not only to start my day but to help get me through my day.

At 56 I was feeling like, is this it? Is this what I'm supposed to be feeling. I needed something to make me feel excited again about life. And that's when I found The Redefined Lifestyle, that's where I found morning moments with Billie. After I started working with Billie I noticed a change in me right away. I looked forward to the affirmations & journaling.

I wake up each morning now without snoozing my alarm. I look forward to hearing her calming voice, & using & learning about the different oils. I feel a peace & calm at the beginning of each day that also goes into the rest of my day. I love hearing that we are all in this stage of our lives together, that I'm not alone. I love hearing her say good morning to me when she sees I'm watching.

She really connects with you. She is so positive & really wants to make your day positive Breathing in the oils as we do the affirmations just brings such peace & calm. Why wouldn't you want to start your day that way. If you are looking to find your happy, you should connect with Billie and get into her challenge. It's so worth it. You are worth it..!

- Angela K (Morning Moments with Billie Subscriber)

Before I met Billie I was kind of just on the first steps of a healthier, more spiritual kind of journey. I was searching for answers and Billie has been a big part of helping me find some of those.

And with each new finding comes with it more peace, calm and happy!

If you are looking to find your happy you should connect with Billie and get into her course. I feel it is part of her spiritual path to guide us to our happy. Our happy gives her happiness too.

- Barb E 

This year, when Summer came along everything was different... to say the least!
People were talking about a new normal. Reunion events were cancelled. Weddings were postponed. Some communities were cancelling plans for the 4th of July. What!? No fireworks? No celebrations?
Where should I start!? I think it hit me sometime in late June. I realized I'd somehow lost my happy! And it wasn't only the Corona virus! There was strife in our marriage and we were missing seeing our friends on a regular basis. Family gatherings were smaller and less often, too. I felt isolated and alone.
The struggle was real!
With so many new problems to face I was overwhelmed. Where did happiness go!?
Fortunately, along came an opportunity for finding my happy! I jumped on it - "Morning Moments with Billie" was offering a 5 day Course on writing your next chapter of life.
I learned to enjoy simple pleasures again, redevelop an attitude of gratitude, and that reaching out to help others was truly what I needed to find my happy again.
If you're wondering how to bring back your happy, or if you're in a stage in your life where you need to find your new happy, this is your chance now to connect with other women like you and learn how to pull that happiness that's been hiding within you! 

- Ginny G

What Happens When You Take Back Your Power
And Writing Your Own Chapter?

You don't sweat the small stuff. You know, the stuff that used to drive you insane. Yeah that stuff. You have peace with all that stuff so it doesn't drive you nuts any more.

You appreciate the little things in life. Like enjoying your favorite song on the radio or spending time with family and friends. Or being able to enjoy a quiet moment of peace all by yourself.

You live in the present moment. No longer living in the past, it's over. Not worrying about the future because heck, who knows what's going to happen next. Living in the present and fully enjoying every minute of it.

You enjoy your relationships fully. Because you know that it's people... not the things... that bring you the most joy. Truly enjoying your time with others is now a top priority in your life.

You keep stress at a minimum. When something stresses you out, you know how to calm down and find that quiet space in your heart and soul. It makes you smile just to think about that quiet, calm space of happiness.

You keep your cup full. And now you have an overflow to share with others. It feels so good! After all, when we can share ourselves, our talents and our gifts with others, that's when we discover our true happy.

You reach a goal and you can't wait for the next one. Nothing is stopping you! Your purpose is clearly defined allowing your true passions to show up.

There's nothing keeping you tossing and turning at night. You've learned to let go, quiet your mind, and be at peace. It's such a wonderful feeling to lay your head down and fall asleep with a smile on your face.

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