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ERB Intro
  • What is Emotional Release and Balance Introduction?

    Emotional Release and Balance Introduction, (aka ERB), is a 45 minute relaxing guided meditation where we step through each stage of emotional release. Letting go of negative emotions that you maybe holding on to that are no longer serving you and then bringing your mind, body and spirit into harmony by raising your vibrational energy, allowing the positive emotions and energy to flow more freely.

    This powerful process opens up blockages to release negative energy and emotions and allows flow of uplifting and positive energy. 

  • What are the benefits?

    ✔️ Reduced stress and anxiety.

    ✔️ Calmer and more even emotions.

    ✔️ Heightened focus and awareness.

    ✔️ Increased ability to deal with negative situations.

    ✔️ A higher connection to your inner-self.

    ✔️ The release of built up negative energy.

    ✔️ Increased positive mental energy.

    ✔️ Overall feeling of well-being.

    ✔️ An increase ability to think positively about life and situations.

  • Who would benefit from ERB?

    Anyone who regularly deals with stress and anxiety in their life.

    Anyone struggling with past traumas.

    Anyone struggling with emotional blockages or with letting go of painful memories.

    Anyone struggling with forgiveness.

    Anyone that has trouble quieting their mind or with focus.

    Anyone that is going through a transition in their life such as empty nest syndrome or starting a new chapter. 

    Caregivers dealing with stressful and emotionally difficult situations.

  • What ERB is not.

    ERB is not therapy and is not meant to replace therapy. If you suffer from a diagnosed mental illness it is your responsibility to check with your medical practitioner prior to beginning ERB.

Billie's Personal Experience With ERB

I had struggled with quieting my mind even for a few minutes for as long as I could remember. Because of this, I didn't feel meditation was an option for me. Thoughts would continually pop into my mind and I felt frustrated and honestly thought I was a meditation failure.

One day I was browsing through the essential oil desk reference and found a guide for "Letting Go" of  old emotional baggage. I started using these oils regularly and I was able to release some old negative emotions that I had been holding on to, some without realizing it, and as I kept doing this "Letting Go" process, I was seeing more and more amazing changes in my emotional and mental well-being. I felt lighter and less stressed.

After doing this for several months, I started adding mantras to each step that made it even more powerful.

Then one day, quite by accident, I discovered that I could now meditate. I could quiet my mind. I could focus on the present. It's like I was able to rewire my brain so that I could find that place of peace within.

This was exciting!

That's when I put together Emotional Release and Balance (ERB). I mean, heck if it worked for me, why wouldn't it work for others?

I started with my closest friends and worked out a step by step process that anyone can easily follow.

One thing I discovered along the way, the experience is heightened with a group of women. It's like there is this connection that's difficult to put into words.

After an ERB session you will feel a heightened awareness of your inner-self as well as others. You will feel lighter, happier. The stress of the day will have melted away.

The more you do ERB, the deeper the connection you'll feel to your true self. More in control of your emotions and more in harmony throughout your entire body.

I believe everyone can benefit from experiencing the power of ERB.

Billie ~ Creator of Emotional Release and Balance Protocol

ERB is a wonderful way to start off my day. Billie has such a calming energy even without the oils but throw in the oils and it's all soooo calming. a bit like a trip to the beach. ~ Barb

ERB enabled me to release all that negativity that wasn’t serving me. I physically felt the release as tears flowed making room for peace, contentment and joy to enter my life. ~ Tammy

I need more ERB! I truly feel grounded, relaxed & centered!!! Thank you so much! ~ Christina

ERB is amazing! I'm able to better deal with the stresses of my job. I look forward each month to our sessions together. ~ Deb

Emotional Releas and Balance Guided Meditation Introduction*

This Month Only! Purchase one ERB Session and get the second session free. (Only available for the January and February classes)

The Emotional Release & Balance protocol uses essential oils, affirmations and mindfulness to guide the attendee through letting go of old emotional baggage, releasing negative emotions, allowing the up-lifting feeling of peace and emotional freedom to take root.

Less stress
Better Sleep
Better Mood
Clearer Thoughts

Sessions will be on-line through a Zoom call and last approximately 45 minutes.

Questions? Book a discovery call and chat with Billie to see if ERB is right for you. Click the button below to book your free discovery call.

**Please Note: If you are already a monthly ERB member our single monthly sessions are also included in your subscriptions.


Emotional Release And Balance Guided Meditation Single Session
$ 15.00


  • Emotional Release And Balance Guided Meditation Single Session

    Emotional Release And Balance Guided Meditation Single Session
  • Total

    USD $15.00


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How long is the session?

Approximately 45 minutes.

Is each session exactly the same?

Technically yes, however, we are never the same people when we come into a session. Our emotions maybe different, there maybe other things going on in our lives. Different women will be attending different sessions. The energy is always different. I also make minor modifications and improvements occasionally. The longer I teach these sessions, the better they get.

Do I have to use essential oils?

Essential oils are not required however I've found that they amplify the benefits. If you are uncomfortable with essential oils begin using this protocol without them and then slowly adding them in if you wish. Frankincense is a great oil to start out with.

Do I have to use the exact oils that are called for in the protocol?

Absolutely not. For consistency sake, I use the same essential oil blends for each session. I know these work for myself and others. If you have other essential oils that you prefer you are more welcome to replace them for yourself during a session. If you would like help on selecting the oils to use from your own collection I do offer a 30 minute personal call that you can book for a fee if needed.

What if I don't like the smell of one of the oils?

I encourage you to keep trying a new oil a few times before you give up on it. When I first started using oils I couldn't stand smell of Joy essential oil blend, now it is one of my favorites. However, if you really can't stand one of the oils we use in the protocol after trying it a few times, you are more than welcome to switch out any of the oils with one you prefer.

Am I required to use Young Living Essential oils?

No, this is not a requirement. However, the blends that I use were created specifically by D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, and the exact blend will not be found through another company. There may be something similar, however, the protocol was designed using Young Living Essential Oil Blends.

I already have a Young Living account, can I order my own oils?

Absolutely! In fact I encourage you to support the person that introduced you to Young Living. The Feelings Collection is your best value for getting 6 of the essential oil blends that include Valor, Harmony, Release, Inner-Child, Forgiveness, and Present Time. You'll only have to purchase White Angelica and Joy individually.

How many sessions will I get out of each bottle of essential oil?

It depends on how many drops you use in each session. Each step uses between 1 -3 drops of one essential oil. A 5 ml bottle has approximately 80-90 drops. So even if you used 3 drops of each oil and the bottles only had 80 drops each, you would still get at least 26 sessions out of each bottle of essential oil. Note: Joy comes in a 15ml bottle with approximately 250 drops per bottle.

What essential oils are used during the ERB sessions?

We use 8 essential oil blends in total. 6 of these are included in the Young Living Feelings Collection, including Valor, Harmony, Release, Inner-Child, Forgiveness, and Present Time.

The remaining two essential oil blends are White Angelica and Joy.

Can I do this protocol on my own?

Yes! Of course. Many of our regular members occationally do when they need a boost. However, they also know that there is a special energy when in a group environment.

Are there any other benefits to being a ERB subscriber?

I'm glad you asked! As an ERB subscriber you also get access to my library of recorded guided meditations and my special Power Hour 1 on 1 personal coaching calls. I only offer these to my clients that have been through one of my programs or are current ERB subscribers. These 1 hour coaching sessions are for those times that you need to talk with a coach or mentor that can help you work through a specific area of life but don't need a long term coaching commitment. Please contact Billie for more information and current pricing for these coaching calls.

Do I get a refund if I need to skip a month?

No. Just like your gym or club membership there isn't a refund available on subscriptions. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us accountable. Right? If you must miss an entire month, add an extra session to your normal number of sessions the follow month.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free online video conferencing service. You will need to download the Zoom application to either your smartphone or computer to participate in the sessions. Please contact me prior to your session if you need help setting Zoom up. It's simple to use once you get started.


*Note: I am not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner. The Emotional Release and Balance session is not meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any illness or disease. This protocol has been created to support overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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