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Are You Ready To Let Go Of  Negative Emotions and Discover Joy Again? 

Emotional health is a precious gift to our physical health and overall well-being.

Think of how your body would feel to be released from all those negative emotions.

Less Tense? More Relaxed? Less Pain?

The Emotional Release & Balance helps you let go of old emotional baggage, releasing negative energy, allowing the up-lifting feeling of peace and emotional freedom.

What Happens When We Don't Release Our Negative Emotions

Most of us our aware of the negative side of an emotion, and one of the most common defenses is to ignore, repress or stuff our negative emotions.

So, what happens when we stuff negative emotions?

They are held in the body and eventually produce physical or emotional pain.

Since holding on to negative emotions has adverse effects on our body, what normally happens when these emotions are eventually released?

When the emotional expression is negative, there are usually repercussions. Like saying or doing things we don't mean and other negative behaviors.

That's where the Emotional Release and Balance protocol comes in to play. By first releasing the negative emotions naturally through a guided meditation technique and then balancing our emotions by allowing positive emotions like joy, love, compassion, grace and forgiveness to fill in the empty space that the negative emotions have vacated.

Leaving us more balanced, energized and de-stressed.

What Are The Benefits Of Emotonal Release and Balance?

✔️ Less stress
✔️ Positive Feelings
✔️ Better Sleep
✔️ Better Mood
✔️ Clearer Thoughts
✔️ More Energy
✔️ Feeling At Peace
✔️ More Joy and Happiness

What are the signs  you might be holding on to negative emotions

➢ Do you find yourself at the mercy of your emotions?

➢ Is shifting out of a negative emotional state difficult?

➢ Do you get pulled into the emotional vortex of those around you?

➢ Do you find yourself repeatedly responding in the same negative way to some situations regardless of your best intentions?

➢ Do your negative emotions seem to be beyond your control?

➢ Do you find yourself struggling just to get through the week?

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*Note: I am not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner. The Emotional Release and Balance session is not meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any illness or disease. This protocol has been created to support overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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