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Joy Seeker - Joy Achiever: Find Your Joy Again! Discover How To Get Rid Of The Most Common Joy Blockers

"Billie, your book is wonderful. I love that it is not so overwhelming as so many self help books can be. I also love that you include positive things I can do to unblock my joy. Thanks again!" ~ Debbie L.

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You know, it's more than just happy. It's about finding true Joy again.

Discover how to overcome the top 5 joy blockers in your life.

Actionable tools and tips to help you breakthrough to finding Joy.

This is your guide to becoming a Joy Achiever

It's More Than Just A Book

Each chapter has it's own worksheet with thought provoking questions to help you bust through each Joy Blocker and get you on your way of being a Joy Achiever and finding your true self.

You aren't alone in your search. Take this time to find your Joy again. You are worth it! Your family is worth it!

Joy Seeker Worksheet (1)

You're about to discover...

  • The Self-Sabataging Blocker

    How are self-sabotaging habits blocking you from finding your joy? 

  • The Negative Emotion Blocker

    How is holding on to negative emotions  blocking your joy? 

  • The Scarcity Mindset Blocker

    How can we truly experience joy if we don’t feel like we are enough or there is enough?

  • The Empty Cup Blocker

    How can you find your Joy if you're trying to pour out of an empty cup? 

  • The Law of Attraction Blocker

    What are the negative things are we attracting without even realizing it?

  • Be A Joy Achiever!

    Start your journey to becoming a Joy Achiever.

What does Seeking Joy really mean?

A few years ago I started feeling kind of eeh.

The kids were getting older. I was getting older too. (best sang by Stevie Nicks)

They were now living their own lives. They didn’t need me the way they used to.

That’s when I realized I wasn’t comfortable being with me. 

Somehow, through this crazy transition time of my life, I had lost myself and I had lost my Joy. 

It had been so long since I had the chance to just be me, I wasn’t sure if I knew how to do it anymore. 

So, I started digging. How to find my Joy. 

And I found a common thread. They were these Joy Blockers that I had let in.

Things like,

 A feeling of never having enough or being enough.

Holding on to negative emotions

Self Sabotaging habits

Attracting the things we don’t want by our language and behaviors

Always having an Empty Cup


When I got rid of my Joy Blockers I started uncovering my Joy again.   

What happens when you achieve true Joy?

💕 Joy is there for everyone that seeks it. It's inside of you.

💕 It takes doing the things that bring you joy each day. What really brings you peace?

💕 It's choosing joy. Discovering joy.  Activating your joy.

💕 It's saying yes to the things that bring you joy. 

💕 Saying no to the things that do not bring you joy.

💕 It's learning how to be uncomfortable with something new and going for it anyway.

💕 And More...

Joy is loving who you are, where you are at, and what you are doing.

Get your copy now and begin your Joy Seeker Journey and become a Joy Achiever by clicking the blue button below.

Joy vs. Happy

Did you know that there's a difference between the feeling of Happy and true Joy? 

Most people lump them together. And you can feel happy but still be missing out on true Joy.

I mean think about it. I can be happy with a nice cup of coffee in the morning but it really doesn't bring me true Joy. 

Being at peace and living with purpose. That brings me Joy.

My grandson, he brings me Joy and he makes me happy. 

We need both. But once you have true Joy it's easier to be happy.

✔️ Joy, that deep feeling that sits within your heart and makes you warm and tingly all over.

✔️ And smile from the inside out. 

✔️ It makes you wake up excited and grateful for another amazing day.

✔️ It allows you to lay down in the evening and be at peace in mind, body and spirit. 

✔️ Joy is when we are filled with hope and purpose within ourselves no matter what is happening in the outside world.

✔️ Joy comes within.

You see, Joy brings with it that feeling of peace and calm like nothing else can.

But along life’s journey we get a bit lost along the way. We let things block our Joy. 

Especially when we’ve led such busy lives focusing on everyone else.

First learn what these joy blockers are and then begin to break through each one step by step and start discovering your true joy.

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