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The Power of Mindfulness:  The Ultimate Guide to Living in the Present

"Mindfulness isn't difficult. We just need to remember to do it."
~ Sharon Saltzberg

Finally! Master Your Monkey Mind!

Increase Mental Clarity

Release Stress

Manage Negative Energy

Get a More Restful Night Sleep

Wake Up Excited and Refreshed

Find Your Peace In The Present

You're about to discover...

  • Why being aware of the present moment is important in moving forward in life.

  • How to live a life where you feel happy, content, confident, and at peace.

  • Unlock your power to choose how you think about your future and your past right now.

  • Being present focused helps you choose what you want to focus on right now.

  • How to recognizing where your mind is right now and either accepting where it is or changing it to where you want it to be.

  • Develop the daily habits of mindfulness and meditation practices.

Start Your Mindfulness Journey Today!

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  • The Power of Mindfulness

    The Power of Mindfulness
  • Total

    USD $397.00


What's Included With The Power of Mindfulness Online Course

  • 21 Lessons, including materials: Valued at $630
  • Over 25 Mindfulness and Meditation Exercises: Valued at $500
  • Getting Started with Mindfulness eBook: Valued at $25
  • Two small group Power Hour coaching sessions: Valued at $175
  • Meditation Journal: $25

Total Value: $1355

Power of Mindfulness
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