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So many doors to pick from and it seems no one seems to be opening them.


Have you noticed a feeling of frustration in the air?


It’s when you go out to a restaurant, into stores and businesses. When you’re talking to friends. 

It seems like everyone is frustrated because things aren’t going the way they expected. They aren’t moving at the pace that they want to go.


I know I have that feeling right now, with our move, with how fast our house is being built, with increased cost of everything, with things being out of stock, even with how long it takes to get service at a restaurant.


I honestly feel sorry for a lot of businesses right now. Not because they don’t have customers but because they don’t have enough staff to service those customers.


We are all ready to get moving again but the world just hasn’t caught up with us yet.


For over a year, we’ve been on a kind of sabbatical. And the world seems to have taken one with us. 


We were so used to being busy, living life to the fullest, that we became pretty good at saying “no” to the things that weren’t important to us. 


“Sorry, I’m too busy to help with…”

“Sorry, I just can't fit that into my schedule right now.”

“Sorry, I don’t have time to learn something new right now.”


No one had the time.


It was a life full of busy-ness. Going out with friends, volunteering, taking the kids here and there, working, shopping, meetings, taking care of stuff...


We felt fortunate to get through the day with at least half of the things we needed to do completed and anything more than 6 hours of sleep at night was a bonus.


And then bam! Everything stopped.


At first it was really hard. We had to say no to all the things that we felt were fulfilling in our lives. Many lost their jobs because businesses were shut down or closed. While others learned how to work from home or deal with spouses and kids that were now home full time. Many of the things that we enjoyed doing that fulfilled our lives abruptly stopped.


And then slowly we became accustomed to having more free time. We could binge watch Nexflix and no one judged us because everyone was doing it. We could scroll through social media and virtually live through others or through our instant memories. We could read every book that was on our night stand and some of them twice.


We saved a ton of money. We didn’t eat out. We didn’t have to pay for the gym membership or  dry cleaning. We didn’t have to pay for nearly as much gas. Our insurance rates went down because no one was driving and getting into accidents. 


We learned that living on less was actually quite nice, 


Even though we said we missed how things used to be, there were a lot of things that we found out we really didn’t need and we kind of enjoyed not having to do them anymore.


Slowly things are starting to get back to “normal” again. A new normal. We can pick and choose what we want to do.


But what I’ve noticed in this new norm is that people have forgotten how to say “yes” to almost everything. It’s weird. There is a big whole that isn’t being filled right now because of all these “no’s”. 


And it’s showing. Have you noticed all the signs on every block saying “Now Hiring”? 


Too many times when we’ve gone out to eat, the server apologizes because they're short on staff. The tables aren’t empty because they don’t have customers. They’re empty because they don’t have the staff to service those tables.


The manager at our storage facility doesn’t have any days off for the next month because she can’t find anyone to hire for an entry level position. When she gets an application in, people don’t call back or don’t show up for the interview. 


The moving company had 5 guys scheduled to unload the moving truck. 3 showed up on time, 1 of the 3 left before he even got started (yep just walked off without a word), 1 guy showed up 2 hours late, and 1 didn’t show up at all.


Stores all over the place are having to close early because they don’t have enough staff to stay open.


Construction is moving at a snail’s pace because they not only don’t have enough materials but because they can’t find enough labor.


Manufacturing companies are having wage wars getting enough people to run their business.


I keep asking myself, where did all these people go? And… 

What does this mean? 


It means there are shortages and a jump in the cost of everything. 


But it also means a great opportunity for anyone wanting to try something new. 


Is it time for a new career or just want to try something different? Now’s the time to go for it. Second careers are usually the best careers.


Have you always had the passion to open up a cute little boutique? Go work at one for a while and see if it’s something that you really want to do before you take the plunge. They would be excited to have someone apply that has a passion rather than the teenager that will jump to the next new job that comes along that they heard about from their friend. Do it because of the experience and commit yourself for a reasonable amount of time, like at least 6 months.  


Want to meet new people? Volunteer for a charity. Charities are begging for people. You can do pretty much anything you can imagine and you meet a ton of new people and you can pretty much pick your own time and fit it into your schedule.


What I’m saying here is that it’s time for us to start saying “yes”. But this time say yes to things you do want in your life instead of things that will just make you “busy”. This time, You get to choose. Yay!


Ask yourself, “Is this something I will enjoy? Is this something that I want to do?” If you don’t know, try it. Make a short term commitment. If it’s something that you think you “should” be doing, re-evaluate. Maybe it’s not for you.


Instead of saying, “things are so terrible right now”, start saying “Doors are opening for me everywhere right now, all I need to do is pick one.”


Which door will you be opening next?

Written by Billie Cornell

Billie is a certified life master coach. She provides unique life coaching solutions for women going through midlife who are stuck transitioning into their next chapter of life. Through her unique coaching programs, she guides her clients in finding clarity on what’s holding them back, what they truly want in life and then creates a personalized plan to successfully take action on and become the woman they are meant to be in their best chapter yet.

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