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Discover What's Been Holding You Back! And Start Living Your Best Life Now!

Writing Your Best Chapter Yet Workshop is about learning how to let go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing and being woman we truly are!

Writing Your Best Chapter Yet 2

Maybe you're feeling like a chapter of life has just closed but don't know how to start the next one.

What if you could get rid of the things that are holding you back so that you could start truly living in the present?
You can right here in this workshop.

You're about to discover...

  • What are the most important things missing in your life right now, and how to prioritize the ones that will change your life forever.

  • How to stop replaying the pain of yesterday and worrying about the what-ifs of tomorrow.

  • What's really stopping you from exploring the things you want to do.

  • What are the 8 key areas you should be focusing on that will help you live your best chapter yet.

  • How to take your pen back from those that are trying to write your chapter for you. It's your pen. Don't let anyone else write your story.

  • How your past has been holding you hostage and the steps you need to take to break free.

When you discover what you are truly meant to do in life you'll find the happiness and peace that you've been searching for and you'll want to share it with others.


Was it only last year that I finally discovered my purpose in this chapter of life?

It doesn't seem possible.

It seems like I've been doing this forever.
I guess it's always been a part of me when I look back at my life.

Isn't it weird that when you are searching for something
it seems like it takes forever to get there.

But when you do reach that sweet spot of knowing your purpose,
it seems like you've known it was there forever.

In reality, it's always been there.

I just needed to dig a little.

Explore a little.

It's like taking a car ride to some place you've never been before.
It seems like it takes forever to get there
but then once you know the way, it becomes so familar it doesn't
seem to take any time at all.


Billie Computer M

You see I had been on my journey to finding my true purpose
for awhile. Trying new things, starting a new business,
discovering the things I liked as well as the things I don't.

Funny how sometimes the things I didn't like were hard to let go of.
Especially the ones I felt obligated to do.

My kids had grown up. The youngest two were soon to fly out of the nest.
My husband and I were looking to relocate and
begin a new adventure.

I wasn't ready to retire. Honestly, that word kind of makes me cringe.
It makes me think of lazy boy recliners and watching Wheel of Fortune all day.

That's just not my thing.

I wanted to do something that had meaning and filled my heart.
I was actually ready to find success at something I was passionate about.
That thing that made me want to get out of bed in the morning.

It was time to try something new. And with it came discovering a
whole world of opportunities. To learn more
about myself. Learn about things that I never new existed.

How to take care of myself better physically, mentally,
emotionally, and spiritually.

How to let go of the things that I didn't need anymore.

I didn't realize that I had so much junk in my trunk to get rid of!

what it will feel like
when you are...

Living Your
Best Chapter Ever!

Billie Hat M

And when I did let go of all of that junk,
I felt so at peace with my life.

I couldn't keep what I discovered all to myself
so I started reaching out to others.

To women that were at a similar place in their life. 

On a similar journey. 

Some having raised a family
and others their 4 legged children.

But they all had something in common.

They were ready to start a new chapter.
They just needed some guidance on where to start.

So, I took my talents from my previous chapter along
with new skills that I learned along the way and
created something unique that I haven't found anywhere else.

Tools just for women that are starting their new chapter
and need a bit of guidance, support, and sometimes
the accountability to make it happen.

To create a chapter you can make the most difference in,
not only in our your life but in the lives of others.

Your best chapter.

You see there are several keys to discovering ourselves.
Mindfulness, Purpose, Goals, Confidence, and more...

Although first, we need to do a bit of digging to know which keys will
unlock which doors.

And that's where we start. With the Writing Your Best Chapter Yet Workshop.

Cleaning out the drawers so that we can find the right keys.

6 days, 6 short and simple lessons. 6 keys. Just enough, but not too much.

It's the best place to start writing your new chapter.


100% safe & secure

Get Complete Access Now for Just $97 

I'm so excited for you to get started Writing Your Best Chapter Yet and discovering who you want to be in this chapter of life. You are worth investing your time, energy and focus in this amazing transformation.


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Gain access to my Joy Seeker, Joy Achiever - The Top 5 Joy Blockers And The Keys To Moving Past Them. Discover The Top 5 Joy Blockers that hold women back from beginning their new chapter and how to get past them. THIS COMPLETE ADDITIONAL COURSE includes access to 5 additional online lessons. (Value: $47)

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What's included in the
Writing Your Best Chapter Yet Workshop:

✔ Workshop Delivered To Fit Your Life: Listen, watch the videos, or read the full text of these 6 powerful self-paced lessons that guide you through your own self discovery journey that allows you to start moving forward with this chapter of your life. (Value: $197)

✔ Writing Your Best Chapter Yet Workbook: Our workbook is designed to reinforce each lesson so you can get an immediate breakthrough each day. (Value: $47)

✔ Professionally Created Content - All lessons have been created and are taught by a professional certified life coach that is committed to giving you the best possible tools to get you started on creating your best chapter.

✔ QA/Support: via my private Facebook Group (Value: $149)

✔ Bonus: 3 additional bonus lessons to help you overcome some of the most common areas that cause overwhelm and stress in many women's everyday lives. (Value: $47)

✔ Bonus: A 1-On-1, 30-minute Life Strategy Coaching Call when you complete all 6 lessons. (Value: $75)

✔ 31 Days of Engaging Journaling Prompts: Keeping a journal of what’s going on in your life is a good way to help you distill what’s important and what’s not. This journaling activity gets you started Writing Your Best Chapter Yet. (Value: $47)

✔ Lifetime Access: With your workshop you become a member of our Winning at Life club and are eligible to receive special member only discounts on our additional courses and training.

Over $500 Total Value!

Go from asking "Now What?" to "What's Next!"
in the Writing Your Best Chapter Yet Workshop

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Here's What We Cover In This Workshop

Living with purpose. We are made to live with purpose and when we aren’t living a purpose, it’s next to impossible to feel true joy.

Being present. This chapter isn’t about the past. These are only memories and the happy thought is fleeting. This chapter isn’t about the future because we don’t have a magic crystal ball. This chapter is about the present. Doing the things that bring joy to our hearts and fill us up right now.

Stick to your boundaries. Stop giving others control. Only you can choose what makes you happy and what doesn’t. What fills you up. When you give away your control, you give away your happiness.

Evaluating where you are at. Knowing where you are right now will help you see the choices available to live a better life. Knowing what to throw away and what to keep. Knowing what new opportunities you desire in your life. 

Creating a vision and rewriting your story. You don’t have to accept things as you think they might be. Imagine them the best they can be. It’s your story, your chapter. Don’t give away your pen to anyone else. Only you can write this chapter.

Journal 6
Billie Sitting M

Challenge the beliefs that don’t serve you. We all grew up with beliefs that came from generations before us. Let go of the old beliefs that aren’t serving you and move on. Replace them with beliefs that empower you.

Living healthier and taking care of ourselves better. We can’t live forever. We only have the one body that God gave us. Learning how to prioritize ourselves so that we can finish well.

Being able to have more control of our emotions and live with less stress. What would it be like to be able to move from anxiety to calm just with a thought? From fearful to secure? To be able to acknowledge your emotion for what it is and then switch it to a more positive state.

Making time for the things you are meant to do. Not doing things because you should. Making time for your purpose. The thing that you are called to do. The thing that fills you up from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The thing that gives you your power.


"I believe people, places, and things come into your life at the exact moment and time. I am grateful for you being that person that I needed to guide me at this time of my life. Your upbeat voice every morning brings my heart much joy and happiness. Your words are teaching me a better and more fruitful life that I am deserving to live or never thought I could even imagine trying to live. Thank you for helping me create my next chapter of my life. With your knowledge and my hard work I know it will be the best chapter and most fulfilling yet!!!


Woman 3

I am so blessed and happy I found you and I Admire your courage to give to others your energy and help them on their journey . Holding space for others is such a gift 💛 and that’s what you do each and every day for others . I admire you and what your giving to others . These next 6 weeks I have to take time to myself even if it’s 10 minutes a day in the morning with you💜🌸
Thank you for being right where your at doing what your doing . You’ve been just what I need the last two months 💚


"Writing Your Best Chapter Yet makes me take a look at things a lot harder than I normally would and it’s brought to light things that I’ve been feeling and it makes me stop and think about it. I’m sort of in a make over of my life at 60 and the affirmation journal brings to light a lot of things I wouldn’t think of. I love your readings.
I wouldn’t change anything. It definitely works for me. You're an inspiration so I’m glad I joined your workshop."


Woman 4

Before I did the workshop I had a lot of struggles with positivity. I was needing some guidance.
I had just started with essential oils and I found Billie on FB and she has been a blessing to help me focus more on the positives in my life! Along with the affirmations, essential oils and the Writing Your Best Chapter Yet Workshop she offers tons of positivity and clarity in how to live the best life I can right now.
The workshop has been very eye opening to look for all the happiness we can create in our life with the tools that she teaches! Do the workshop! You won’t be disappointed! 😊💕

~ DeeAnn

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